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Old Nag

Equipment : Have one sponge ball for each group of three or four players.

Formation :
The groups of three or four people are in a scatter formation.
One player who is "It" has the sponge ball in hand.

Method :
"It" faces the other players who are in a file.
The three or four persons in a file formation are linked together with hands on waists.
"It", who has the sponge ball in hand, tries to hit the end player (the tail)
The player at the head is the horse.

The horse can outstretch his/her arms and gallop around .

When the tail is struck by the ball, the player who is "It" becomes the horse, the horse goes to the middle
and the middle becomes the tail.

The struck tail is now "It".

They're at the post...they're off!

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