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Fancy Feet
Thanks L. Fielitz


Purpose: This warm-up game works on footwork, speed and agility while participants must also be aware of those in front of them in line and behind.

Equipment: Lines on a court or field (cones can substitute for lines)

Description: Run forward to a line, jump up as high as you can, land, shuffle sideways with feet wide, and run backwards to the start line. Repeat four to five times depending on the distance participants are running and the degree to which they need to warm-up. The teacher or coach should assess the students on what it is that s/he is emphasizing for the lesson. The game is to do the best to combine speed, proper foot work and good spacing between participants. Teacher or coach assessment is necessary to determine the winner.


  1. Increase difficulty: Add more complex footwork on forward or backwards movements for more experienced participants. For example, you can add a crossover step to the shuffle.

  2. Increase difficulty: Add a time standard once participants are warm to develop competition and game scenario.

  3. Increase difficulty: Participants are challenged to make their own footwork step for final round.

Fancy Feet

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