What Is Your Knowledge Of Fitness?

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to verify your answers. 
Read each definition.
Select the correct word from the list below that matches each definition.
Exercise, specificity, threshold of training, overload, intensity, frequency, duration, progression

1- Exercising for one part of fitness

2- How long you exercise

3- More than normal exercise

4- How hard you exercise

5- How often you exercise

6- Start slowly and increase amount of exercise

7- Amount of exercise to improve yourself in each part

8- What you do to improve in physical fitness

Complete the following sentences with the correct word below :
power, balance, strength, reaction time, muscles

9- The part of fitness that refers to the ability to maintain an upright posture is called

10- When you exercise, certain body tissues called do the work.

11- The part of fitness that allows you to do a fast strength performance is called

12- The part of fitness that enables you to put forth great amounts of force is called

13- The part of fitness that refers to the time it takes you to get started to move is called