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Hook Tag
Thanks L. Fielitz

Purpose: This warm-up game works on speed and agility while participants must also focus on the other participants’ actions and anticipate possible game scenarios.
Equipment: None
Description: Mark out an area approximately the size of half a basketball court. Divide the class/team into groups of 3 and place them around the playing area, leaving two participants unassigned to a group. These groups of three remain stationary and hook elbows. 
Select one person to be “It” and one person to be chased. On the command of “Go” the person who is “It” tries to tag the person being chased. The person being chased can run around the area to elude being tagged or s/he can hook elbows with an end person in a group of 3. 
If the person being chased hooks elbows with the person on the end of a group, the person on the other end of the group must try to evade the tag from the person who is “It”. The new person being chased can elude being tagged by running around the area or hooking onto one end of another group of 3. People being chased cannot hook onto adjacent groups or their original group. Once the person being chased is tagged, they become “It” and try and tag the original “It” person. That person can elude the “It” person by running around the area or hooking elbows with a person on the end of a group of 3. 
The game continues for a set time or until everyone has been “It”. Participants must pay close attention to the “It” person and the person being chased because the person at the opposite end of the group must be prepared to run when the person being chased hooks onto the group of 3.
In Figure below, X is “It” and is chasing person #1. Person #1 hooks elbows with person #2 in the group and person #3 must try and evade being tagged. Person X chases person #3 who runs to another group and hooks onto person #4. Person #5 on the opposite end of the group must now run elude being tagged.


  1. Increase difficulty: Have two people who are “It” and two people being chased.

  2. Increase difficulty: Allow the groups of 3 to move around the playing area.

  3. Change to work with the number of students in the class: Groups of 2 or 4 can be used.

hook tag

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