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Conquer Maths

free math lessons

What is ConquerMaths

ConquerMaths is a unique Online Math Tutoring system, also available on CD-ROM

ConquerMaths is available for individual/home use and school use.

Every lesson gives you a relaxed and friendly Math Tutor who never gets impatient, never minds repeating things as many times as needed and is available anytime he's needed.

ConquerMaths allows your children to undertake math study at home, school or anywhere where they have access to the Internet, at any time convenient to them. 
The work they undertake is marked and recorded along with the time taken to complete each lesson as they progress for you to inspect at any time.

Learn a whole school math lesson in just 10 minutes, and improve retention
Every lesson is presented in the same way as math lessons are taught in school, but with all the time-wasting, peer pressure and distractions removed. This means that a whole school math lesson can be taught in as little as 10 minutes!

Maths learning is cumulative; ideas build on each other, which means that if a lesson is missed or not fully taken in the first time, it can be of detriment to a students entire understanding of maths.

With ConquerMaths, students can go back and revisit those areas as many times as they need to ensure a complete understanding.
The ConquerMaths teacher never gets frustrated or impatient and will happily repeat any part of any lesson as many times as needed to ensure a solid understanding.

Study and revision plans help raise math grades, fast
ConquerMaths provides learning paths and study plans for students of different achievement levels.
Each revision plan will guide students through the correct lessons in order to improve their math grade.

It has taken 11 years of careful refinement to make these lessons so effective, and there are now over 1,900 schools and over 800,000 students benefitting from them worldwide.

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